The first-ever Epic Fantasy Saga created by 30+ writers from around the world

Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide

The world of Faladon is slowly shuddering in dark and falling apart. Dangerous ancient powers, thought to have vanished forever, have returned to take revenge, and now once robust realm is left in misery and desperation. When the inhabitants find themselves in dire need of a champion, the axe of Bjarl entrusts the mission of eliminating those forces to an unlikely hero: the treasure-hungry seafarer Ürbon. The legendary axe only chooses the worthy ones, but could it possibly be mistaken this time?

Gathered by the YouTube channel MajorKill, a community of over 30 people from all around the world contributed to the creation of Faladon - a medieval epic fantasy world filled with incredible adventures, breathtaking sceneries, mythical creatures, and exceptional characters. Each of the authors brought their individuality to develop Faladon’s complex cultures, politics, and inhabitants, making it as diverse as themselves.

Journeys Through Faladon: the Titan Divide

Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide is the first in a series of epic fantasy books set in the world of Faladon. When Ürbon the Wanderer takes his ship to find an island full of treasures, he doesn’t have the slightest idea that his treasure-seeking adventure will soon turn into a quest to save the world. Allies and foes of different races and species await the hero and his crew on every step of his journey full of hardships, prodigious battles, and inner conflicts.

Become a part of the incredible adventures of Ürbon the Wanderer, Hydrulian the ancient mage that pursues his own interests, a cunning and humorous reptiloid Tlupic and Askia, a compassionate piligrim, as they face all the threats and dangers that fate throws in their way. Witness the diverse cultures and beings that inhabit the immersive world of Faladon.

Follow the story of Ürbon, the Wanderer, son of Ongul the Wise, the slayer of the Beast of the Moon Forest, raider of the western seas

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Word from Authors

When reading fictional books, we often wonder how the authors come up with such a variety of creative realms and catchy plots. What if a fictional world was the fusion of over 30 authors’ imaginations?

“Thank you for your interest in our book! The world of Faladon is a marvelous place where danger and mystery lurk around every corner. The enormous realm is traversed by characters developed by the same people who created the world. All the characters are a lively bunch, with a variety of personalities and stories to tell. It is a lot of fun to dive into the diversity of Faladon’s complex cultures, politics, and inhabitants. This book, the world, and everything involved in it is a mark of what people can achieve together online if they set a common goal and work towards it. Despite the differences, our creative liberties complement each other to form an epic fantasy setting that is full of spectacular characters, areas, and concepts.”

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